The 105th Annual Chouteau County Fair

Entry for all three night shows can be purchased at a discounted price of $30.00 if purchased on or before August 17th, 2016. Call the Fair Board office, (406) 622-5505 or (406) 781-2724 for more details and purchase info.

8 – 12 Noon: Horse Show- Chapel Arena
4 PM- 8 PM: Entries for All Open Dept Exhibits
6 PM:                        The Grocery Store
                         Harvest Hot Dish Competition

Sponsored by The Grocery Store-Big Sandy
Entries due Aug 1, 2016
Entry Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the following link: Entry Form.

7 – 9:30 AM: Swine Judging & Showmanship-- Between swine and beef barn
11 AM: Sheep Judging & Showmanship-
8- 9 AM: Final Entries Accepted in Floriculture Department and Agriculture Department
9 AM: Judging In All Departments Begins
11 AM- 7 PM: Commercial Vendors Open
12PM-6PM: All Exhibit Departments will open as soon as judging has been completed
1:30: Beef Judging & showmanship
11AM- 2PM: Lunch at the Fair Special-Night Show tickets --$1.00 off
1 PM: The BONK Show-–Free
4PM- 10PM: Bounce off The Wallz Free Entertainment
3 PM: The BONK Show-–Free
5 PM: Check In For Pig Wrestling Teams- Fair Office area
5 PM: Ticket Sales Window Opens
6 PM: Pig Wrestling Calcutta-Grandstand Area
7:30 PM: Golden Harvest Seeds Montana State Pig Wrestling Contest


8 AM- 10 PM: Dog Show
11 AM- 7 PM: Commercial Vendors Open
11 AM- 7 PM: Concessions Open
11AM-7PM: All Exhibit Departments open
Family Living Dept- Assorted Arts and Crafts Classes Daily
12PM- 10PM: Bounce off The Wallz OPEN
1:00 PM: Michael Swenson- Hypnotist—
Free Stage Area
1-5 PM: Heritage Day– Commercial Building
2-4 PM: Feebus Pruett
2 PM: Round Robin –Calcutta to follow
5 PM: Ticket Window Opens–
7 PM: Western Grand National Pulling Event


11 AM: Commercial Vendors Open
11 AM: Concessions Open
11AM-5PM: All Exhibit Departments open
12PM- 7PM: Bounce off The Wallz OPEN
1 PM: 4-H Awards
2 PM: Market Sale-Livestock Pavilion
4 PM: Ticket Window Open
5 PM: 6PM- Removal of all Exhibits

NEW--Chain and Go Event

All three days you can sit, visit with old friends, eat fabulous fair food, play Bingo or relax in front of the Free Stage—PreHistoric Adventures- Dinosaures will stroll the grounds several times daily and Michael Mezsmer --known as the "Phenomenist",will be preforming three times a day on the Free Stage. His goal is to present the allied arts of hypnosis and magic in a way which people of all ages can learn about and enjoy them in a unique theatrical experience. A show to entertain young and old alike. Send the kids to Splat Inflatable Games feature a Paintless Paint Ball Game, an Obstacle Course, Wet/Dry Slides and new game involving Tossing Water Balloons at each other. Marcus the Funny Man will be on the Free Stage several times daily too.