City of Fort Benton Banner

Fort Benton's City Council


Rick Morris
1717 St. Charles St.
Fort Benton
Ward 1 Councel Members

Lanny Walker
Fort Benton

Dyke Kalanick
2321 Franklin
Fort Benton

Ward 1 encompasses the portion of the city from 17th Street North to the city limits
Ward 2 Councel Members

Merlyn Scott
PO Box 223
Fort Benton

Terri Baker
Fort Benton

Ward 2 encompasses the center portion of the city between 11th and 17th Streets
Ward 3 Councel Members

Roger Axtman
814 Franklin
Fort Benton

Shireen Clark
1007 Franklin
Fort Benton

Ward 3 encompasses the Southern portion of the city from 11th Street South to the city limits.

photo of city council chambers

This photo shows off the well lit and nicely appointed council chambers. Before, the renovation of city hall, the council meetings were held in the area pictured and included the area where the main office is. This arrangement offers better use of the available space and allows the public in attendance to sit closer to the members. The tables used for the members to sit at have been replaced by a purpose built bench that is both nicer to look at as well as functional.