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City Parks and Recreation

Fort Benton has many beautiful areas to recreate and gather scattered about town. Parks vary by size and shape as well as purpose. Visitors are welcome to explore the parks and learn the history of Fort Benton as well as the cities contribution to the development of the state and the nation. From walking trails and ball fields to the historical reproduction of “Old Fort Benton” our parks offer much in the form of entertainment and education.

Sunset Park

Sunset Park PhotoLocated on the Southwest end of town, Sunset Park offers a playground area and the soccer and baseball fields are located here. Sunset park is the newest park and is still somewhat under development. Local groups have helped the city with tree planting and other development projects.

The Levee

Although not officially a park as such it is an important part of the city. In the steamboat days the levee provided a place for the boats to offload and load freight and passengers. In the area between the visitor’s center and the Grand Union hotel one can view the rip rap that was laid in to protect the levee from the ravages of the ice during the winter. Today there is a walking trail that runs the full length of the levee and extends both ways up and down the river. The levee is also home to many of the historical monuments and statues dedicated to the history and lives of those who worked, lived, and made Montana what it is today.

Veteran's Park

Located next to the Old Fort Park, Veterans Park contains the memorials to the veterans who served in all of our wars. It also has a section that is dedicated to ships bearing names from cities around Montana. The section of the park that is Veteran's Park is the triangular section on the upper left of the photo below.

Old Fort Park

Located along the river between Front and Main Street and between 18th and 21st streets there is much to see and do here. The old fort, swimming pool, tennis courts and playground are located here. During the Summer Celebration the park serves as the center of activity.

Old Fort Park and Veteran's Park Image