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State Officer and Chapter Directories

2018 Executive Board & Committee Members

Please feel free to contact any of the state and local officers below to get additional information on the Montana Jaycees and any of the local chapters in your area. If there isn't a chapter in your community, please contact us about helping you start one. We want to create positive change everywhere in the state and are here to help cultivate any and all opportunities that allow for this. We look forward to hearing from you.

Link to 2017 Officers and Program Managers
Executive Board
President Bridget Boehm (406) 781-9130 bridgetdboehm@gmail.com
Executive VP      
Administrative Assistant Alisha Miner 406-939-3723 mineralisha@gmail.com
Communicatons Director Brad Kahler 406-672-5488 kahlerbrad@gmail.com
Treasurer OPEN    
Management VP Harleigh Roth 406-480-3069 roth.harleigh@outlook.com
Community VP Laura Tucek 406-707-0081 ltucek@mt.gov
Individual VP Anna Weidinger (406) 860-9697 anna.weidinger@fib.com
Membership OPEN    
Chaplain Erin Pulse 406-366-0653 erinpulse@gmail.com
Parlamentarian OPEN    
C.O.B. Chelby Gooch (406) 390-3074 mtgoochs@gmail.com
National Contacts
 National President Noelle Nachreiner    
 National Vice-president Tiffany Wood 308-520-2713  
Montana JCI Senate
President Larry Christenson   tami@midrivers.com
Vice President Phaedra Raymond   phaedraray@gmail.com
Treasurer Deborah Roberts #60582 (406)-696-2722 debmacrae@aol.com
Secretary Ginny Katzenberger - #62005 (406)-855-7938 ginny.highwood79@gmail.com
Chairperson of the Board Cindy Gabbert #57109 (406)-939-4222 tcgabbert@midrivers.com
Chaplain Marlin Styern   styren@3rivers.net
Program Managers
CLC (Formerly Blue Chip)      
Young Montanan
Junior Jaycees      
MTJC Foundation      
Nothing But Nets      
Peace is Possible      
UNICEF/Human Trafficking      
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society      
First Timers Jennifer Erhart (406) 697-9039 jennifererhart31@yahoo.com
Degrees Trisha Keiler (406)-945-0195 monkey_600@yahoo.com
Written Expresions
(Write Up/Jeopardy)
Speak Up/Debate      
Resume' Competitions      
Family Competiton      
Political Advisors
Primary Misty Miner (406) 939-0898 mminer@mt.gov
Secondary Chamene Plum (406)262-4099 PlumJaycees@yahoo.com
Webmaster Earl Taylor #47603 (406)-622-5203 earl@taylorenterprises.biz

2018 Montana Jaycee Chapter Directory

Billings Jaycees P.O. Box 3202 Billings, MT 59103 billingsjaycees.@gmail.com
President Emily Weidinger (406) 698-4695 emily.weidinger@fib.com
Management VP Vy-Dana Curtis (406) 855-6302 vydana17@gmail.com
Membership VP Kylee Gruel (406) 855-9905 dippykitty@hotmail.com
Individual VP  Open    
Community VP Chris Mackey (314) 346-1348 cmackey@uwyellowstone.org
Treasurer Brad Boehm (406) 399-6230 b_boehm@hotmail.com
Secretary Crystal Hill (406) 672-2286 crystalhill_mt@yahoo.com
Treasurer Cori Lafever (406) 690-8854 cori.lafever@gmail.com
COB Open    
MEETINGS: 1st Tuesday of every month at 6:15pm in the basement of the Squire Lounge (1525 Broadwater Avenue, Billings, MT)
Central Montana Jaycees Po Box 368 Lewistown, MT 59457  
President Jamie Hess (406) 670-7802 hess.jamie16@gmail.com
Vice President Laura Tucek (406) 707-0081 ltucek@mt.gov
Communtiy VP Trent Hess (406) 690-1192 twhess79@hotmail.com
Treasurer Rachel Mueller (406) 351-3031 rachel.b.mueller@wellsfargo.com
Secretary Dawn Ruckman (406) 380-2350 dawnteppert@icloud.com
Parlimentarian Jake Williams (406) 366-4358 jawbpol@gmail.com
COB Neal Tucek (406) 366-9208 ntucek91@gmail.com
Meet on 1st Monday of the month at 6:30pm
Dillon Jaycees PO Box 334 Dillon, MT 59725 dillonjaycees@ymail.com
President Jason Schumacher (406) 660-1781 jschumacher@stockmanbank.com
Membership VP Carissa Allen (406) 925-0965 carissaallen@hotmail.com
Maintenance VP JM Peck (406) 660-0494 jmpeck@trappercreekranch.com
Secretary Kattie Hamilton (406) 548-8484 kate.12.hamilton@gmail.com
Treasurer Kelly Graham (847) 563-0887 kelly_graham5@yahoo.com
Chaplain Jack Bergeson (406) 660-1124 jbergeson82@gmail.com
Parlamentarian Matt Allen (406) 925-9834 matt.allen@umwestern.edu
Director Amanda Bergeson (406) 925-0947 alater_80@yahoo.com
Director Becky Stuart (406) 925-2386 rebecca.stuart@kochind.com
Director Brandon Ferguson (406) 925-2654 bferguson34@gmail.com
Director Reilly English (406) 660-0322 reillye30@gmail.com
Website: www.dillonjaycees.com
Glendive Jayceces PO Box 456 Glendive, MT 59330 glendivejaycees@gmail.com
President Jeni Gabbert (406) 939-5777 jenigabbert@yahoo.com
Management VP      
Community VP Denny Malone (406) 939-4628 denward@gmail.com
Individual VP Nikki Claussen (406) 941-0242 missnikkic@gmail.com
Membership VP Tyler Gabbert (612) 741-8197 tylergabbert@yahoo.com
Treasurer Talia Behner (406)-941-0243 talia.protax@gmail.com
Secretary Jennifer Bartholomew (406)-941-3016 Jen.bartholomew1984@gmail.com
Chaplain Leslie Gilbertson (406) 208-1940 lnmgilbertson@gmail.com

1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm - 8pm at the Mid-Rivers Community Room (location subject to change). -
Havre Jaycees PO BOX 1327 Havre, MT 59501 havrejaycees@gmail.com
President Kyle Gooch (406) 390-0292 kviggle.kg@gmail.com
Meet: 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of each month in the basement of the Eagles Club
Laurel Jaycees PO Box 1087 Laurel, MT 59044 laureljaycees@gmail.com
President Daisy Henckel (406)-691-6969 DaisyHenckel618@live.com
Management Jennifer Erhart (406) 697-9039 jennifererhart31@yahoo.com
Individual Matt Henckel (406)633-5002 matthewarthurhenckel482@gmail.com
Community Travis Rickman (406) 598-2248 littelbiscuit@gmail.com
Chaplain Mark McLelland (406) 861-7571 rigrocker78@gmail.com
Treasurer Daisy Henckel (406)-691-6969 DaisyHenckel618@live.com
C.O.B. Ally Myran 915-202-6961 a.myran89@hotmail.com
Meet: 1st & 3rd 1st Friday is General Membership & 3rd Friday is Board meetings.
Miles City Jaycees PO Box 1354 Miles City, MT 59301 milescityjaycees@gmail.com
President Patti Bissell (406)-461-6607 montanasmiles@gmail.com
Individual Sydney Leann Tharp (406)-589-4076 softball.softie911@gmail.com
Treasurer Cindy Anderson (406)-853-2289 harterson11@gmail.com
Secretary Cassandra Garrison (406) 850-3923 kangaroorentalsllc@gmail.com
COB Jaynee Parsons (406)-853-5936 jayneeharwood@gmail.com
MEETINGS: 1st Saturday of the month at 10:00am Public Library
Sidney Jaycees P.O. Box 455 Sidney, MT 59270
President Cody Daleske (406) 480-4962 spunky.1994@hotmail.com
Management Greg Qunell (406) 480-2654 gqbartender@gmail.com
Secretary/Newsletter Cheyenne Dickard (701) 260-4326 cheyenne.dickard@gmail.com
Treasurer Greg Qunell (406) 480-2654 gqbartender@gmail.com
Community Chase Manley (406) 535-3915 manley.chase@gmail.com
Individual Joseph Averett  
Membership Alisha Miner (406) 939-3723 mineralisha@gmail.com
Chaplain Jayson Miner (406) 489-2519 jayson_miner@hotmail.com
C.O.B. Harleigh Roth (406) 480-3069 roth.harleigh@outlook.com
MEETINGS: 2nd & 4th Thursday at 7pm at the VFW