Montana JCI Senate

Scholarship Information & Senatorship Information

Senatorship Presentation and Proceedure Form

This form outlines the costs, planning, and execution for presenting a Senatorship.

Montana JCI Senate Enrollment Form

This form is used to enroll a new Senator into the Montana JCI Senate and the U.S. JCI organization. If this form is not submitted the individual recieving the award will not be enrolled in any of the local or national organizations.

Senatorship Application Form

The Application for Senatorship is the form used to begin the process for the awarding of a Senatorship. Follow the instructions to the letter and all will be well.

Montana JC Scholarship Foundation Application Form

The deadline for submission is January 5th, 2018. There are two (2) forms that need to be downloaded to apply for this scholarship.  The first one is the cover letter which must be included with the application form. The second form is the actual scholarship application. The links for the forms are below.